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‍‍‍‍‍‍Boxing‍‍‍ Fundamental‍‍‍s

We pride ourselves with the level of
expertise in which we teach each and every one of our clients. From beginners to well rounded athletes, our method of teaching the sweet science has proven to show results time and time again. Our attention to detail, ability to correct and improve technique is better than any personal training and general fitness studios in the area.

‍‍‍This class is design‍‍‍ed to introduce
‍‍‍fundamental drills, basic offensive and defensive footwork and movement, and proper punching technique all while burning fat, increasing overall coordination and balance, building lean muscle and relieving stress. our classes incorporate the same drills, routines and conditioning used by professional fighters. The limited class size allows our skilled and experienced professional trainers to offer more one-on-one attention focused on ensuring your form is safe and correct. all levels of experience are welcome! You don't have to be a fighter to train and look like one.‍‍‍


BoxFit is the creation of our head trainer and owner Gary Fernandez. After running numerous bootcamps and small group classes, he noticed that it wasn't anything different ‍‍‍than what other people were doing. While people in his classes showed results of the training it was hard to stand out in an industry that is filled with indoor and outdoor bootcamps. He wanted to come up with something no one in the area was doing. Using his years of both fighting experience and personal training to create a class that is unlike any other. BoxFit was the outcome.

Our very own specialized class that incorporates bootcamp style workouts along with our technical boxing instruction. We guarantee there is no other class like this on our area! In each class, we focus on working multiple muscle groups using different styles of training and routines. We try and make each and every class different so you’re never bored. Classes are a mix of calisthenics, strength, conditioning and even bodybuilding. All mixed in with boxing to maximize fat burn, build full body strength and lean muscle all while increasing your balance, flexibility and stamina!

Classes are designed to work for everyone from beginners and advanced using various modifications to ensure safety and maximize results. It is strongly recommended that you take one of our boxing fundamentals class to better learn the boxing techniques used in class as well as make sure you get the most out of every class.

Strength Class

Our strength class is a mix of calisthenics and weight ‍‍‍training. We focus on building strength and muscle using a variety of different training methods including but not limited to, body building, power lifting, TRX, kettle bells, body weight and more. We understand not everyone has the same goals or at the same fitness level. For that reason people in class are broken up into groups, and work on specific areas to help improve them at their own pace as well as work on specific lifts to help them reach their own goals.

Personal Training

Our personal training program is designed to provide our clients with individualized fitness programs to help you achieve your goals. You will work with on of our experienced and certified trainers specializi‍‍‍ng in various areas including but not limited too boxing, sports conditioning, body building, functional, sports massage, weight loss and much more. Each training program is customized to help all of our clients reach there own personal health and fitness goals. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or are an athlete who wants to reach the next level our trainers will be there to guide you every step of the way with our very high level of attention and expertise.

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